Ronnie Ron: I killed Rose in a second

Trial of Ron, Marie Pizem charged with murdering Rose Pizem continues with reenactment screening.

Ronnie Ron and rose 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 10)
Ronnie Ron and rose 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 10)
The murder trial of Ronnie Ron and Marie-Charlotte Pizem continued in Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday as Ron's videotaped reenactment of the crime was screened in the courtroom. Ron and Pizem are charged with the murder of Pizem's daughter and Ron's granddaughter, four-year-old Rose Pizem, whose body was found in Tel Aviv's Yarkon River on September 11, 2008. "The child sat in the back seat, and I was telling her something while driving," a videotaped Ron said. "I gave her something to eat and she said,'Disgusting, disgusting' in French, so I said, 'Enough' in French, turned around and smacked her. The radio was on and I didn't hear her reaction to the blow." "Sometimes you hit a child and go on, you don't think anything happened," explained Ron. "I felt something was wrong, she was withdrawn and I thought she was angry with me. I wanted to cheer her up, I kept on driving and thought to get her some ice cream," Ron related. "I didn't plan it. I thought she was mentally injured, not physically. When I stopped I wanted to lift her up, so she'd be happy, and saw she wasn't reacting. I opened the door, told her I loved her, hugged her hard. When I picked her up she was limp," said the grandfather. Ron expressed remorse many times during the reenactment. "What wouldn't I give to keep from hitting my baby," he said. "Even if God forgave me, I wouldn't forgive myself." "I ended my life in a thoughtless second. I was scared, terrified, I lost my mind, I lifted the child and she was gone," he said.