Search for missing 4-year-old Rose to continue Sunday

Dozens of mounted police officers, search dogs, and volunteers scoured sites in Netanya and the banks of Yarkon river in Tel Aviv, while scuba divers continued to scan the river's murky waters, as searches for the body of four-year-old Rose Pizem, allegedly murdered by her grandfather, Ronnie Ron, continued over the weekend. Netanya has been divided into districts by a police command and a control center in the city, as police and civilians continued to comb through the area. The searches are expected to resume on Sunday morning with an increased focus on Netanya, where Sharon police officers will comb the area. Border Police will search along highway 2 from Netanya, heading south until they reach the Yarkon. Police have grown increasingly distrustful of Ron's claim to have thrown the body over the Bavli Bridge into the Yarkon in north Tel Aviv three months ago. Ron may be concerned that a recovery of the girl's body would undermine his claim to have accidentally killed the girl in a violent rage, and would instead show that her slaying had been a premeditated murder.