Second death threat issued against PM's former housekeeper

Lilian Peretz complains to Hadera police of threat against her four children; Netanyahus sue 'Ma'ariv' for libel.

netanyahu sarah at airport 248  (photo credit: GPO)
netanyahu sarah at airport 248
(photo credit: GPO)

Lilian Peretz, the woman who recently filed alawsuit against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's wife, Sarah,complained on Monday to Hadera police of a death threat against herfour children received by her husband, Haim, earlier in the day.

It was the second death threat the family has received in the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, the Netanyahus filed a NIS 1 million lawsuit against the daily Ma'ariv,its editor Yoav Tzur and reporter Ben Caspit, for having allegedlypublished false information about Sarah Netanyahu. The couple alsodemanded that Ma'ariv publish a correction and an apology.

According to the Ma'ariv report, published on Friday,Sarah Netanyahu allegedly fired a 70-year-old gardener and bereavedfather who had been employed at the Prime Minister's Office inJerusalem.

The Netanyahus' personal spokesman for the Peretz affair, Shaya Segal, told The Jerusalem Post the report was a lie.

Also on Monday, Sarah Netanyahu filed a complaint with the Press Council against the daily Yediot Aharonotfor the two-page article it published on January 15, containing thetext of the lawsuit that Peretz filed against her in the Tel AvivDistrict Labor Court. She complained that the newspaper had not askedher for a response to the allegations made by Peretz.

Afterthe report was published, Sarah Netanyahu denied Peretz's accusationsthat she had paid her below the minimum wage and exploited and verballyabused her during the five-and-a-half years she looked after theNetanyahu home in Caesarea.

Regarding the latest death threat, Lilian and Haim Peretz saidan anonymous caller had spoken to Haim on the phone and told him, "Yourwife did not get the hint. If she does not withdraw the lawsuit within12 hours, I will kill your children."

The caller referred to each of the four children by name.

Last week, a caller spoke to Lilian on the phone and said toher, "Who is this? Lilian? Are you the one causing all this mess? Ifyou don't stop it within 12 hours, you will be harmed personally. Thisis from Bibi."

Peretz told reporters at the Hadera police station that she was not afraid.

"No one is going to force me to abandon my lawsuit, my truth," she said.

When someone told her she was not alone, Peretz added, "I knowI'm not alone. I also don't expect everyone to envelop me in warmth orunderstand the depths of my pain."

In a closely related development, Yediot Aharonotreported on Monday that another lawsuit had been filed by a housekeeperwho worked for Sarah Netanyahu several months before Peretz filed hers.However, the woman asked the court for a gag order to prohibitpublication of the details of the lawsuit.