Settlers 'thank' Peace Now for documenting 'Zionist enterprise'

The Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza on Wednesday offered a tongue in cheek response to a Peace Now report that claimed settlement growth had risen 69 percent in 2008. "Again we thank Peace Now, who are diverting the funds they are receiving from the European Union in order to document the most important Zionist enterprise of our age - the settlement project in Judea and Samaria," the settlers said, adding, however, that "some of the data is clearly inaccurate." Settler leaders also rebuffed claims that they had taken advantage of the operation in Gaza in order to build new roads to outposts in the West Bank. "All of Israel knows who took advantage of the war in order to demonstrate against IDF soldiers and who sent their boys to the front to sacrifice their lives in defending our country," they said.