Settlers to construct 11 new outposts

Activists to mimic construction during British mandate; move coincides with Mitchell's arrival.

migron outpost 248.88 ap (photo credit: AP)
migron outpost 248.88 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Jewish settlers plan to construct 11 new outposts in the West Bank on Sunday in a move that aims to "return Israel to the path of independence." In fliers distributed throughout West Bank communities, organizers called to "put an end to the White Papers," urging readers to come to their assistance in constructing the 11 outposts, an allusion to the 11 settlements established in the Negev during the British Mandate. The White Paper is the name given to a document declaring the decision made by the British to limit Jewish immigration and the purchasing of land by Jews in 1939 as a response to the Arab Revolt. "The nations of the world do not want us here and we are responding by strengthening the connection to the land and by establishing new communities. 63 years ago, a pioneering spirit emerged, and in one night, 11 places were built in the Negev. Here and now, through the establishment of new communities in Judea and Samaria, [we] will return Israel to the path of independence, will create national strength and provide strength against international pressure," read the fliers. The plan to construct the new outposts coincides with a visit by US Middle East envoy George Mitchell, who is set to meet with Defense Minister Ehud Barak later Sunday. Last week, the US State Department rebuffed speculation that President Barack Obama's administration was considering imposing economic sanctions against Israel in order to prevent it from continuing West Bank settlement construction.