Shalom working to oust Netanyahu

Former FM denies reports that he met with senior Likud officials at his home.

shalom 88 (photo credit: )
shalom 88
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Likud MK Silvan Shalom said Monday morning that while he had not met with senior Likud officials at his home in an attempt to oust chairman MK Binyamin Netanyahu from the party's leadership, he supported new leadership for the Likud. "We have to take quick action. The primaries process should be completed within 30 days," Shalom declared. "The Likud is not in wonderful shape," Shalom told Army Radio. "We barely managed to get the twelfth mandate. We are in debt to the tune of millions of shekels. Branches are closed. And Bibi is writing books!"
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Most Likud members feel that the party's current state "cannot be passed over," Shalom explained, adding that he was ready to "roll up his sleeves, and go from city to city and from house to house to bring people back to the party." Shalom also criticized Netanyahu's response to the Gaza disengagement as one reason why the party lost ground in the recent Knesset elections. "I wasn't the one who said 'the train has left the station,'" he argued. "I always had reservations about unilateral action." "People have left the Likud because the Likud left the people," Shalom said. "I believe I can bring them back," he added.