Shin Bet: Two terrorists caught at Erez

Both were planning attacks; youths nabbed in W. Bank with knives, explosive.

The Shine Bet (Internal Security Agency) disclosed Sunday afternoon that earlier in March, its agents apprehended two Palestinians at the Erez Crossing who were trying to enter Israel to carry out a terror attack. Samih Hadad, an Islamic Jihad operative from the Gaza Strip had planned to enter Israel by using falsified medical papers in an attempt to carry out a suicide bombing. The second terrorist, Ihab Tisis, had been instructed to establish a military infrastructure for the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank. Tisi, a former resident of the Hebron-area town of El-Aroub who had relocated to live in the Gaza Strip, was supposed to then direct attacks against Israeli targets, specifically targets affiliated with the IDF. Tisi was also engaged in attempts to kidnap soldiers and civilians for use as bargaining chips to secure the release of Palestinian prisoners. Also on Sunday, two Palestinian youths were caught at West Bank checkpoints carrying knives and - in one case - a home-made explosive device. One 17-year-old youth was apprehended at Salem Checkpoint northwest of Jenin when, during a routine check, IDF troops discovered a knife concealed on his person. The youth was handed over to security forces for questioning. In an apparently unrelated incident, a second 17-year-old was apprehended at Hawara Checkpoint south of Nablus after he aroused the suspicions of troops manning the checkpoint. Troops searching the youth discovered a knife and a homemade explosive device. Border Police sapper teams detonated the device in a controlled explosion.