Silent treatment for youth radio station

It's hard to tell who's shooting themselves in the foot at the Israel Broadcasting Authority or why they're doing it. Given the downward spiral in radio and television ratings, one would suppose that the general attitude at the IBA would be to encourage a new generation of listeners and viewers in the hope of maintaining audiences in the future. In fact, the IBA Management Committee wanted to do just that by introducing an experimental youth radio station that would cater to a niche audience who would continue to listen to Israel Radio as it grew older. However, as a goodwill gesture to Ariel Yaacobi, the chairman of the union of state employees, who asked that the experimental broadcasts not be implemented in light of impending discussions on reforms within the IBA, the Management Committee agreed to shelve the project, even though it disagreed with the reasons for his request. Members of some of the unions within the IBA are considered to be state employees, and it was at their behest that Yaacobi appealed to the committee. Members of the Management Committee could not understand why union representatives rejected the idea of experimental youth broadcasts on Israel Radio, which would have attracted more listeners. Instead, the reps sided with rivals from regional radio stations that were not happy at the prospect of a youth radio station because if it succeeded, it would undoubtedly take away some of their listeners.