Singer David Broza entertains residents of the South

Singer David Broza visited Sderot and the surrounding communities on Monday, to entertain the residents of the Kassam-beaten region. Broza told The Jerusalem Post that he sang for the people of Yad Mordechai and Nativ Ha'asara, and on Friday he went to Ein Hashlosha and Talmei Yosef. He has a full schedule for the rest of the week, he added. "This is not a reserve duty for me - it's true Israeliness," he said, "I give them a one-hour time-out - I bring them together after many days spent indoors, not knowing who left and who stayed. This is how they know they are not alone. I am the glue." Broza said the people he met seemed tired and unhappy. "They are scared because they just don't know how it will end this time," he added.