So that's why they call them 'doggie bags'

Leftovers from Galilee wedding send guests to hospital.

Getting your money's worth by packing up leftovers from a wedding you attended is not always a bargain. Nine children and three women from a village in the Galilee who attended the celebration Sunday ended up Monday evening at the emergency room at Western Galilee Government Hospital in Nahariya with diarrhea, fierce stomachache and vomiting. Seven of the children and two of the women had to be hospitalized for observation. They were diagnosed with food poisoning tracked back to the "doggie bags" taken and eaten at home. Amil Aga, epidemiological supervisor at the hospital, reached the conclusion that the leftovers had been left outside rather than in refrigeration for several hours until the extended family got home. Hospital director-general Dr. Masad Barhoom warned people that during the hot summer months, store raw and prepared food under proper conditions to reduce the risk of food poisoning. Meanwhile, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera reported that a seven-year-old boy was treated in the emergency room after being "stabbed" with a pen near his anus. The boy, who lives near Hadera, was attacked by a nine-year-old neighbor. He was treated and hospitalized overnight for observation to ensure that he would not develop an infection. If the pen had entered the anus and rectum, a tragedy could have occurred. Dr. Adi Klein, head of pediatrics, and Dr. Zvi Steiner, the director of pediatric surgery, said that behavior by some children has become more violent and with a lack of honor for peers. "We suggest that parents pay attention to what their children are doing during the school vacation and supervise their play," they said.