Soldier shot dead by intoxicated friend in apparent gun accident

Soldier shot dead by int

hand with gun 88 (photo credit: )
hand with gun 88
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A soldier was shot dead by an intoxicated friend in Kiryat Haim, north of Haifa, on Friday night in what police suspect is a firearms accident. Emergency services were called to an address in Kiryat Haim by a man who told an operator that his friend had been shot. The caller, a security guard under the influence of alcohol, called paramedics and police twice to ensure they were on their way to the address, before fleeing the scene. He then stopped approximately 100 meters from his home, where he was arrested by police. A Magen David Adom team attempted to resuscitate the gunshot victim, but declared him dead shortly after arriving at the apartment. The victim has been named as Victor Shberdin. He emigrated to Israel from Russia in 2004, and lived with his pregnant partner. He leaves two children, aged three and one. Police initially suspected murder, but now believe the incident may have been caused by an accidental discharge of a bullet by the security guard. Shberdin's partner said the two men had been good friends, and had gotten together to celebrate the completion of his training course in the armored corps. Channel 2 news broadcast closed-circuit TV footage taken from a kiosk, showing the two men buying alcoholic beverages shortly before the shooting. There was no tension between them apparent in the footage.