Surgery saves two young victims of Kassam attack

Within 10 minutes of being called, all relevant doctors, nurses and technicians arrived at the hospital.

Adir Basad, a 15-year-old Sderot resident, was stable and out of danger for the time being on Wednesday, after undergoing complex surgery by a large, multidisciplinary team at Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital. Hit by shrapnel from a Kassam rocket before he was able to reach a shelter, Basad suffered severe wounds to his whole body, including his trachea, and had very low blood pressure when he entered the operating theater, but Barzilai staffers managed to save his life. The operation, which took some 12 hours, ended at 7 a.m. His friend, Matan Cohen, who was with him, was seriously injured, but less so than Basad. Four toes on one foot had to be amputated. He was transferred for surgery to Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel at Petah Tikva, because of shrapnel in his heart, as Barzilai does not have a pediatric cardiac surgery unit. Within 10 minutes of being called, all the relevant doctors, nurses, technicians and social workers arrived at the hospital. "It wasn't anything special. We are used to it," shrugged the Barzilai spokeswoman.