TA announces water-saving measures

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kinneret 88
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The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality announced a series of water-saving measures on Thursday in line with the national campaign being promulgated by the Water Authority. This year is turning out to be the fourth consecutive year of insufficient rainfall, which has caused a water crisis. The municipality has decided to adopt several methods to save water. Among them are:
  • From April 1, the city will not irrigate at all on Tuesdays, including the city's parks.
  • The city will check whether the 2,000 liters of water per day that drip from air conditioners can be used for irrigation or in municipal buildings' bathrooms.
  • Roads will be washed once every two weeks.
  • They will check whether the water for rinsing one's legs at the beach can be switched to seawater rather than freshwater.
  • Finish switching all faucets in municipal buildings to water-saving ones.
  • Thickets and uncultivated land will not be watered. Gardens will be watered according to the size of the plot rather than time by installing sensors to monitor them.