Tax-free electrical goods and 20,000 job vacancies

Health insurance: Returning Israelis can start paying the fine - currently NIS 8,730 for single person and NIS 35,000 for a family of four - before they return to Israel and then the insurance will kick in the minute they arrive in the country. In addition, the ministry will directly reimburse returnees for the amount of the fine. Rights on electrical goods: The Customs Authority will allow returning Israelis to bring in electrical goods tax-free. Employment: The ministry has opened up 20,000 job vacancies for returning Israelis in some of the country's top companies and organizations. The ministry has already established a comprehensive manpower unit to match returning Israelis to potential jobs. The new unit will also offer career counseling prior to return. Loans for new businesses: Those planning to start new businesses will be eligible to receive loans and assistance in getting their ideas of the ground. Financial incentives for scientists/researchers: Academics, researchers, engineers and scientists will be entitled to special financial grants. Simplification of tax procedures: The ministry is currently in discussions with the tax authorities on reducing and simplifying the bureaucratic hurdles facing returnees. Information hotline: The ministry will establish an information hotline to operate 24 hours a day to answer questions from Israelis thinking about returning to Israel. Flights for returning Israelis: The ministry is currently exploring options for running a group flight for returning Israelis, along the lines of Nefesh B'Nefesh. Such a flight could take off as early as Independence Day. Further information on the campaign is available at or from the hotline, 03-973-3333.