'Teens who killed moped rider in J'lem weren't drag racing'

Police say drivers were trying to pass each other at high speed when one of them hit Silwan man.

Two teens speeding through the capital’s French Hill neighborhood allegedly hit and killed a motorcyclist late Tuesday night as they were trying to pass each other.
The victim, a 35-year-old Silwan resident, was pronounced dead at the scene.
On Wednesday, police denied media reports that the two 19-year-oldJerusalem residents had been drag racing when the accident occurred,saying instead that they had been driving at a high speed on theneighborhood’s Uzi Narkiss bridge. The motorcyclist was hit when one ofthe drivers tried to pass the other one, they said.
Police also denied reports that one of the drivers fled the scene ofthe accident, saying that the driver in question had not seen that theman was hit and continued driving. He was arrested shortly thereafter.The second driver noticed immediately that the motorcyclist was hit andstopped to help.
Paramedics rushed to the scene and attempted to revive the victim, to no avail.
According to police, neither of the suspects have criminal records, andboth have reportedly cooperated fully with the investigation.