Tel Aviv mezuzot to blast off into the heavens

Judaica designer's rocket shaped artwork to travel into space with US astronaut Greg Chamitoff.

mezuza space 88 (photo credit: )
mezuza space 88
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Two mezuzot created by Tel Aviv-based Judaica designer Laura Cowan are scheduled to travel into space in May with American astronaut Greg Chamitoff. British-born Cowan, whose work is based on rocket shapes and was inspired by the 1960s mission to land a man on the moon, is well-known in the space-travel industry. She was informed by Chamitoff's former teacher that the items would taken into space. "I was contacted because of the space theme in my work," Cowan told The Jerusalem Post. "All of my work has been space-themed, since I watched the moon landing on TV in 1969. I saw how excited people were, and just got carried away with the theme." The two mezuzot are the aptly named the Apollo Mezuza, a rocket shape bearing an abstract "shin," for the spacecraft's window, and the Shuttle Pewter Mezuza. Chamitoff is currently assigned as ISS Flight Engineer and Science Officer on Expedition 17 and will spend six months living and working on the International Space Station. "It's really exciting," Cowan said. "It's like getting closure in a way. It's something I've invested so much time in, and now the pieces I've made are going to be a part of space travel."