Terror-victim group: Nullify Tannenbaum's immunity

An organization representing victims of terror appealed to the state prosecutor on Thursday to nullify the immunity agreement that was signed for Israeli businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum, a former IDF colonel who was abducted by Hizbullah and released as part of a prisoner exchange in January 2004, admitted on Wednesday during his testimony as a state witness in a tax fraud trial that he had left Israel and entered Lebanon to carry out a drug deal due to financial difficulties. "Since it has become clear that the agreement was built on mistaken assumptions, and since [Tannenbaum] hid [information on] the drug deal from the state, the immunity agreement must be nullified," the activist group Almagor said in a statement. Almagor added that if the request were not fulfilled, they would consider filing a representative lawsuit against Tannenbaum in the name of terror victims.