Three arrested in connection with revenge killing

Southern police have arrested three men in connection with the murder on Friday of 66-year-old Halil Abu Salami, who was found with multiple stab wounds by the market in Tel Sheva on Friday. Although the resident of Rahat was alive when found, he died of his injuries. One of the suspects is the son of a man whom Salami murdered about 30 years ago, while the other two are members of the same family, police said. Salami never served any time for the murder, as the judge considered that he was not sound of mind. Police said they have no firm evidence linking the suspects to the murder on Friday, although a spokeswoman pointed out that the son was against a proposed peace deal between the two families. At press time, the police hadn't disclosed the names of the three suspects, who were appearing before Beersheba Magistrates court. Two of the suspects are in their 30s while the other is 65.