Three killed in Lower Galilee road accident

Jeep overturns after head-on collision with truck on Route 805; four injured.

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Three people were killed and four were injured in a road accident in the Lower Galilee on Thursday afternoon. The accident occurred when a jeep collided head-on with a truck on Route 805, near Deir Hanna, and overturned as a result of the impact. From the initial investigation of the crash, it appeared that the jeep strayed from its lane on a sharp right bend in the road and lost control of the vehicle, hitting the truck which was traveling in the opposite direction. The jeep was carrying the three fatalities and three of the casualties - one of whom was injured seriously and two moderately. The driver of the truck was injured lightly. The fatalities were later identified as Deir Hanna residents Mohammad Darwish Khatib, Ali Dagash and Hamud Suwayid. MDA teams evacuated the casualties to Poriya Hospital in Tiberias.