Troops arrest Palestinian carrying bomb

Six Molotov cocktails thrown at Israeli car on Highway 443; three mortar shells land in western Negev.

Nablus checkpoint 248.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
Nablus checkpoint 248.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
A Palestinian man carrying a pipe bomb and two knives was arrested Saturday evening at the Hawarah checkpoint south of Nablus. Sappers detonated the bomb in a controlled explosion, and the man was taken in for interrogation by security forces. In another incident in the West Bank, Palestinians threw six Molotov cocktails at an Israeli car traveling near Ramallah on Highway 443. None of the car's occupants were wounded and no damage was reported as a result of the attack. Earlier, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired three mortar shells at the western Negev, all of which landed in open territory. No wounded or damage reported. In a joint statement, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called the ongoing rocket fire from the Gaza Strip a "response to continued Israeli attacks on [their] people in the Strip," Army Radio reported.