Twelve people hurt in road accident on Saturday

Seven hit when 2 cars collide head-on; UK tourist runs over 3 pedestrians; tomcat driver overturns.

MDA 248.88 (photo credit: MDA [file])
MDA 248.88
(photo credit: MDA [file])
Twelve people were injured on Saturday on Israel's roads. In Amirim, in the North, a pedestrian was seriously hurt and two other people were lightly injured when a British tourist hit them with his car as he was driving near a swimming pool. Magen David Adom paramedics gave the three injured people preliminary treatment and evacuated them to Rivka Sieff Hospital in Safed. A girl who was badly injured was breathing through an iron lung. The tourist said during his police interrogation that he did not notice the pedestrians because of the sun's glare in his face. In the eastern Galilee, near the Tzalmon water reservoir, two vehicles collided head-on. Seven people were injured, one of them moderately and the rest lightly. MDA ambulances evacuated them to Poriya Hospital in Tiberias. In Kiryat Tivon, a tomcat rider overturned and was badly injured. An intensive care from the Magen David Adom - Carmel unit evacuated the man, unconscious, to Rambam Hospital in Haifa via helicopter. Traffic police said there were no identifying documents on the man when he was found. His name and age were as yet unknown. Meanwhile, in Baka el Garbiya, a driver who was apparently speeding overturned and was seriously injured.