Two Jerusalem policemen arrested

They allegedly engaged in sexual activity with woman who called for help.

Investigators from the Justice Ministry's Police Investigative Department (PID) arrested two policemen from the Jerusalem District late Monday night on suspicion they misused their authority as policemen by engaging in sexual activity with a woman who called for police assistance. A month-and-a-half ago, two policemen were alerted to the woman's home after she complained of being in an unstable depressed mental state. The cops who arrived at the scene spoke with the woman, calmed her and out of fear she would harm herself or others, asked her to accompany them for psychiatric evaluations. The woman gave her consent and on the way to a psychiatric facility, one of the policemen took advantage of her mental distress in the patrol car and allegedly engaged in oral sex with her. Rumors about the incident circulated throughout the Jerusalem Police station and another officer decided to call the woman and set up an appointment with her under the guise of completing the original investigation. When he arrived at her house, the officer allegedly asked the woman to strip naked so he could examine her body for bruises. The woman did so and the police officer allegedly touched her body. The two policemen initially dismissed the accusations but following a long intense interrogation they confessed. The cops were released to house arrested under restrictions and the Justice Ministry said it intended to file indictments against them in the coming days.
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