Vilna'i: When buses exploded in Jerusalem we didn't feel forsaken by gov't

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i criticized residents of the western Negev Monday, responding to several no-confidence votes against the government in which Labor, where Vilnai hails from, is the main coalition partner. "We here in Jerusalem suffered hundreds of dead and wounded in exploding buses. Did we ever say we were forsaken by the government? What will happen when we need to use force [against Gaza terrorists]? What kind of things will people say then? I suggest you remember what I say here today," Vilna'i said. He termed the situation in the south a war, but did not save his criticism of opposition party MKs. "This condition is unbearable and it must stop, no one doubts it for a second and the government of Israel understands this. It doesn't need advice, Most speakers here bear no responsibility. When you bear responsibility things look different. "Don't preach to me," the deputy defense minister told the Knesset plenum. "Don't tell me nothing has been done. I suggest you speak to the soldiers preparing for yet another night operation, and tell them 'you are not doing anything.' Or go to the IAF jets or to the girls sitting for hours in front of surveillance instruments near the Gaza border. Are they doing nothing?" Vilna'i asked.