We need an emergency gov't

This government is a danger to Israel's very existence.

effi eitam 88 (photo credit: )
effi eitam 88
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The Olmert government has no political agenda. It has no social agenda. It has failed on the security front. It's preoccupation now is its very survival - and that's no agenda. It has lost the right to govern. Professionally, a large proportion of its appointees are not fit to do their jobs. Morally, it has lost the trust of an overwhelming proportion of the public. The personal integrity of many of its leaders is under question. But worst of all, it is a danger to Israel's very existence, because its performance is creating the sense among some of Israel's enemies that our country is falling apart, and that we are incapable of overcoming the problems that need fixing. The public is despairing of this government and doesn't want hasty elections. Given the wave of problems now facing Israel, what we need is a national emergency government. I hope my fellow politicians will put aside partisan and personal interests and realize this. The writer is a National Union/National Religious Party Knesset member.