Weekend violence keeps police busy

Two brothers found dead in Druse village; teenage couple found dead in Tiberias.

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police 88
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Police kept busy over the weekend investigating a double murder in a Druse village in the North and a murder-suicide in Tiberias. Police also continued their investigation into the firing of an anti-tank missile at Netantya crime lord Assi Abutbol Thursday night. No one was injured in the attack. On Friday, police in Tiberias discovered the bodies of 18-year-old Meital Piti and her 19-year-old boyfriend Yossi Yaloz - an IDF soldier - in two different locations. The soldier's body was found with a bullet wound caused by his army-issued rifle in his house while Piti's body was found in a stairwell of a nearby building. According to preliminary findings, police said the soldier strangled his girlfriend and then went home and killed himself. Police said the teenagers had dated for a long time, had broken up several weeks ago and had recently reunited. On Saturday, police in the North discovered the bodies of two brothers - one in a car and the other in a nearby abandoned building - just outside the Druse village of Osafiya in the Carmel Mountains. Police suspect that the brothers, who they said they knew from previous run-ins with the law, were murdered by members of a rivaling crime family. In the Thursday attack, the anti-tank missile landed on the street in front of Abutbol's building as he pulled into the underground parking lot. Police said they planned to question Abutbol's known rivals including members of the Abergil crime family. "We know who his enemies are and we plan to get to each and every one of them," police said over the weekend. The investigation of the attack was transferred to the police's Serious and International Crimes Unit, which recently received the Abergil and Abutbol cases. Thursday's attack was the fifth time in the past month that LAW missiles were used in attacks against criminals. A missile was fired last week at a store in Taibeh, a missile was found ready for launch in a field near Kfar Saba two weeks ago and another missile was used in an attack on Itzik Abergil's car as he drove on a Negev highway. No one was injured in any of the attacks.