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Poll: Shinui will fall from 3rd-largest party to seventh in the March 28 election.

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Rafah border crossing opens under Palestinian control Saturday, Nov. 26, 12:44 Hundreds of Palestinians crowded the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt on Saturday, when the crossing began operating under Palestinian control. Due to logistical difficulties with the EU observers and other technical problems, no one was allowed to cross the border until noon. Among the crowds were many Palestinians in need of medical treatment abroad. Barghouti wins 96% of votes in Ramallah primary Saturday, Nov. 26, 8:14 Marwan Barghouti, head of the Tanzim faction of the Fatah in the West Bank and currently imprisoned in Israel, won 96 percent of the votes in the Ramallah primary election. Meretz head Yossi Beilin called for Barghouti's release, saying that the Fatah leader was one of the key figures on the Palestinian side of the peace process. IDF soldiers still targets for Hizbullah Saturday, Nov. 26, 16:07 Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Hizbullah in Lebanon, said that Hizbullah has "a duty" to continue capturing IDF soldiers. Over 10,000 Hizbullah supporters protested in Beirut on Friday as part of the funeral ceremonies for the four gunmen killed by the IDF Monday while attempting to infiltrate Israel. Israel returned the terrorists' bodies. Katsav says March election will decide future of West Bank Saturday, Nov. 26, 13:59 President Moshe Katsav said that the future of the settlements in Gaza and the West Bank has stood at the center of Israeli political debate since the Six Day War, and that the March 28 elections would determine the question. Katsav called the upcoming general election a "referendum" on the West Bank. "Asking for clear answers on [controversial] issues must become part of the national agenda," Katsav told The Jerusalem Post in an interview. PA OK advances MDA acceptance Friday, Nov. 25, 5:52 Red Cross partner organizations of Israel and the Palestinian Authority have reached an agreement on a new symbol, paving the way for Israel to join the International Red Cross. The sides have designed a "red crystal" symbol that will replace the Magen David Adom. Israel's refusal to accept the Red Cross has caused the international organization to deny it membership for nearly six decades. Shinui headed for oblivion Friday, Nov. 25, 9:21 Shinui will fall from Israel's third-largest party to only its seventh in the March 28 election, according to a new Smith Research and Consulting poll conducted for The Jerusalem Post.