Ya'alon: Palestinians' true face exposed

Peres lauds speech as "brave and real"; Kadima MKs hail address; Netanyahu draws fire from Right.

arye eldad MK 248.88 (photo credit: Courtesy of the Knesset)
arye eldad MK 248.88
(photo credit: Courtesy of the Knesset)
Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya'alon on Monday said in response to Binyamin Netanyahu's Sunday night speech at Bar-Ilan University "I agree with what was said because I understand this reality closely. We exposed the true faces of the Palestinians and this will put an end to the stupid argument on 'definitions' [of the two-state solution]," "What was presented in the speech reflects accurately widespread Israeli agreement [on the matter]," the minister told Army Radio. Ya'alon went on to say that he "can live in peace with a Palestinian state if created according to the conditions as laid out by Netanyahu" and stressed that Israel does not want to "rule over" the Palestinians, but that "they are not willing" to meet Israel's needs. The minister said that Israel has been reaching out for peace, while "all their [Palestinians'] reactions have been refusal and war." "It cannot be that we are the ones who look like we are refusing [peace]." Ya'alon said. President Shimon Peres on Monday joined MKS from Kadima and the Likud in praising Netanyahu's speech, which drew fire from the Right. Peres hailed the foreign policy address as "brave and real," according to Israel Radio, and lauded Netanyahu for endorsing the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel and for calling on the Palestinians to begin negotiations immediately without preconditions. The president said that the prime minister's words were "heard loud and clear" and will make an important contribution to strengthening Israel's international status.