Yacimovich slams Katsav's school visit

Says a suspected sexual offender shouldn't come into contact with kids.

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MK Shelly Yacimovich, head of the committee for children's rights, leveled sharp criticism at President Moshe Katsav after he visited a school in Givat Shmuel to mark the start of the new school year. "It's preposterous that someone being investigated by police on alledged sexual offenses should come into contact with children," Yacimovich said. "The message that comes through to young women and girls is that sexual offenses are commonplace, and that is a dangerous message." Later Sunday, Kadima MK Roni Tirosh said that she expected Yacimovich to show restraint in her comments regarding the President in order to sustain "respect for the presidential institution. "In her actions, Yachimovich determined (Katsav's) verdict and turned herself into a member of the judicial system as opposed to a member of parliament," Tirosh said. "We educate our children to believe that all men are innocent until proven guilty. If the president is proven guilty, I will not mince words, but this is not the case at the moment," the Kadima MK announced. The president has been under investigation recently for allegedly sexually harassing a young woman, "A," who worked in his office. Yacimovich - one of Katsav's harshest critics during the course of the scandal - came out against the president on television last week, saying she had met with Katsav's former employee and that the young woman had claimed the president had not only sexually harassed her, but had actually raped her several times.