Youths rape 11-yr-old boy over a year

Lod: Assaults discovered when victim's 15-year-old friend went to police.

Seven youths aged 11 to 16 were sent to house arrest for allegedly turning an 11-year-old boy into their sex slave for the past year during which they repeatedly sodomized and sexually assaulted him. Dep.-Cmdr. Amichai Ashad, chief of police in the city of Lod where the suspects and the victim live, told Channel 2 television Tuesday that the attacks included extreme violence and forced sexual acts. He added that the boy’s parents were apparently unaware of the assaults. The alleged crimes were discovered when the victim confided in a 15-year-old friend who went to the police with the information. Ashad said that the boy, apparently frightened by the police’s involvement, disappeared for a few days. Once he was found, he agreed to speak to investigators. Police said they would most probably make additional arrests.