Glitterati, Then and Now

The Nahum Gutman Museum examines Tel Aviv's pre-state and post-modern cultural scene Chances are that "everyone who was someone" in Tel Aviv of the 1920s knew all the other "someones." They walked the same tree-lined boulevards and frequented the same caf?s, where they argued passionately about Yishuv politics and culture, the Palestinian Jewish community and the kernel of the state-to-be. In the thick of all this was Nahum Gutman, the painter and illustrator who captured the effervescent scene in hundreds of portrait sketches of poets, musicians, painters, writers and politicians - his "family" as he called them. Some of the drawings were commissioned, while others came to life when the muse struck, and many were executed in rapid strokes, on napkins, receipts, menus or any other available scrap of paper. For full story please subscribe to The Jerusalem Report click here to subscribe.