Exclusive video: Optimism without bounds

Following a tragic accident at the age of 17, paralympic athlete Pascal Bercovitch made aliyah from France and grabbed hold of own dreams.

Pascal Bercovitch 311 (photo credit: courtesy)
Pascal Bercovitch 311
(photo credit: courtesy)
Pascal Bercovitch was born with a fighting spirit. As a child in France, she competed in gymnastics, earning the title of champion of her northern province of Picardy. At 13, she became aware of her Jewish heritage, and her interest in her own roots led her plan to make aliya.
At 17, just before she was set to immigrate to Israel, she slipped at a train station in Angers. Her body was pulled under an oncoming train and she sustained devastating injuries. Both her legs were amputated to the upper thigh.
If there is one thing we can learn from Bercovitch, it is to love life for all that it is. Rather than allowing it to hold her back, she used the tragic accident as an excuse to move forward, following through with her desire to live in Israel and going on to volunteer for the IDF and represent Israel in competitve paralympic athletics.
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Bercovitch has gone on to achieve in all that she put her efforts toward. In this interview she tells us about her journey and how her love of the things in her life creates the optimistic person we see today.