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Exclusive video: Explore the hundreds of social entrepreneurs that have revived, re-inspired and re-engaged the European Jewish community.

Jewish community 311 (photo credit:
Jewish community 311
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Inspired by a unique survey entitled, "The 2010 Survey of New Jewish Initiatives: European Key Findings Report," Leadel has created a montage of European Jewish start-ups in order to bring the survey to life. 
Spanning across the continent of Europe from London to Kiev, the video explores a continent that rich is Jewish culture, ideas, and entrepreneurship, through the eyes of the people and their unique projects.
Over the past fifteen years, a revival of Jewish life has spread across Europe, one that is rooted in its 2,000-year heritage, illustrates the diversity of contemporary Jewish thought and experience, and reflects the hope of a promising future.
Quietly, and in small pockets across the continent, Jewish social entrepreneurs have experimented with new forms of communities and organizations designed to engage a new generation of Jews, their partners and friends in meaningful Jewish experiences.
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The main organization behind this survey is Jewish Jumpstart (or Jumpstart for short), a thinkubator for sustainable Jewish innovation.  With each report they publish, researched creative energy is harnessed and distributed in a fashion that other organizations can learn and benefit from it.  They believe in collaboration, organization, and helping the bigger picture that is Jewish innovation.  It was thanks to this framework and desire to collaborate for the better good that Leadel media partnered with Jumpstart to present their findings.
The survey sought data on the hundreds of Jewish start-ups that have been founded in the European community in the last ten years. The results revealed the sector's size and reach, as well as the organizations' funding sources, expenses, structure and governance. The purpose was to learn about the nature and needs of these organizations, with the goal of understanding how best to support the revitalization of Jewish life in Europe.
The outcome of the survey outlined seven Key Findings post-research, where the first Key Finding states, "Europe is witnessing a revival of contemporary Jewish life through the emergence of hundreds of new initiatives reaching hundreds of thousands of people."
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