WATCH: How to enter a bar mitzva

Video of 13-year-old Sam Horowitz’s Vegas-style entrance to his bar mitzva goes viral.

Sam Horowitz dancing his bar mitzvah away 370 (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Sam Horowitz dancing his bar mitzvah away 370
(photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
There was a period earlier this year when it seemed like every week, the Internet was blowing up with a new bar mitzva video. Some families were hiring choreographers and dancers to create extravagant music videos celebrating the ritual induction into manhood.
Typical of the genre was Sam Horowitz’s bar mitzva trailer, done to the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson.
Now, to be outdone only by himself, here’s a video of the Vegas-style entrance at his actual bar mitzvah.
Sam, the star of the newly viral video (the bar mitzva actually happened last year), donned a sparkly white suit for the occasion and descended from the ceiling inside a massive chandelier in the lavish ballroom of the Omni Hotel in Dallas.
He first came up with the idea after seeing the Cheetah Girls in concert at age seven, according to his mother, Angela Horowitz. The performers descended from the ceiling at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. “He said right then, ‘I wanna do that at my bar mitzva.’ And he held me to it.”
The bedazzling entrance required no small amount of engineering. A stuntman descended in the chandelier with him, a requirement of the production company, according to Angela. The surrounding dancers, expressing their passionate bar mitzvah joy in flapper-style minidresses, were local talent, including cheerleaders for the Dallas Mavericks.
According to Angela, this is the first of many times Sam expects to see his name in lights. “Sam wants to be famous in the entertainment industry,” she said. “He loves to sing and dance. He’s a really passionate kid.”
Sam already has an agent and has appeared in several commercials and on “Barney the Dinosaur.”
Horowitz also emphasized the family’s prominent role in Jewish philanthropy. Indeed, in Sam’s bar mitzva invitation video, he can be seen dancing in front of the JCC of Dallas, endowed by his grandparents, Steve and Carol Aaron.
So what’s next for Sam? He’s heading to New York City Fashion Week in three weeks. “He loves fashion,” says his mom. “He’s got friends at Neiman Marcus."