Captain Israel or Queen Kabbalah?

Young Jews will be able to join online color war, where they'll be led by latex-clad 'SuperJews'.

super jews 248.88 (photo credit: Courtesy
super jews 248.88
(photo credit: Courtesy
Hanukka is coming to Facebook, via a new Internet-based game. "SuperJews" was launched last week by the United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Federations of North America, in an effort to reach out to today's wired youth. In what the UJC says is the first of many such projects, young Jews will have the opportunity to join an on-line color war, where they'll be led by latex-clad, illustrated heroes with names like Captain Israel and Queen Kabbalah. Each participant will be asked to complete missions structured around flagship Jewish community service organizations. Missions are pre-selected by the UJC, and include sending holiday greetings to friends and family, getting involved with local Jewish Federations, and subscribing to newsletters from organizations like the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Each participant will be asked to complete one on-line task per day of Hanukka, and each completion will earn points for his or her team. At the end of the holiday, points will be tallied, and every participant will receive a gold, silver or bronze medal to display on his or her Facebook profile. Alongside the JTA, partner organizations in the new venture include the Jewish Agency for Israel, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, the Jewish Education Service of North America, and the Foundation for Jewish Culture. The ultimate goal of the "SuperJews" project is to engage the younger generation in these and other national and international Jewish organizations.