Defendants in Senitt trial plead guilty in court

The two defendants in the Alan Senitt trial pleaded guilty on Tuesday to his murder and to three other robberies. Senitt, a British activist against anti-Semitism, was killed in the wealthy Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C. in July of 2006 by robbers who slashed his throat and tried to rape his female companion. Christopher Piper, 26, pleaded guilty to second degree murder, third degree sexual assault and four counts of unarmed robbery. Piper is on medication for "excitement," and his attorney requested a psychological evaluation. Jeffrey Rice, 23, pleaded guilty to second degree murder, four counts of robbery and two counts of firearms used to commit dangerous or violent offenses. It has been reported that by pleading guilty the two men will avoid going to trial on more serious charges that, in the event of convictions, could have led to sentences of life without parole. They also could be hoping that, in light of their pleas, Judge Neal E. Kravitz will give them a break when he sentences them. A 15-year-old involved in the crime has already pleaded guilty (as a juvenile) to charges against him, and was sentenced. The case of the fourth suspect, Olivia Miles, who allegedly drove the getaway car; remains sealed at the courthouse.