Holocaust exhibit vanishes again from Romanian subway

Incident comes days after whole of Austian journalist Emil Rennert, Israeli photographer Shani Bar-On Romanian Jewish exhibit go missing.

Roman photo exhibit subway_311 (photo credit: Shani Baron, Emil Rennert)
Roman photo exhibit subway_311
(photo credit: Shani Baron, Emil Rennert)
A Holocaust exhibit has disappeared from a subway station in Romania for the second time in a week, its creators said on Friday.
Austrian journalist Emil Rennert and Israeli photographer Shani Bar-On said 12 out of 24 panels depicting Romania’s Jewish heritage and the Holocaust were missing from the Piata Unirii Station in Bucharest.
The incident came several days after all 24 panels of the original exhibit were taken down from the station on Sunday, less than 24 hours after they were put up.
The Romanian embassy in Israel said in response to the first incident that cleaners had accidently removed the exhibit and that it was not an act of anti-Semitism.
Meanwhile, Bar-On and Rennert hung a reprint of their exhibition at Priata Unirii on Wednesday. By Friday, half of the new panels were missing, Bar On and Rennert said.
The spokeswoman of the Romanian embassy in Israel said she would investigate the incident.
The Israeli embassy was closed Friday because of the Jewish Sabbath.
Bar On and Rennert said they had asked the Austrian embassy for assistance.