KKL Israel and JNF USA reach cooperation agreement

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael in Jerusalem and the Jewish National Fund in the United States have, today, reached an agreement that will pave the way to new levels of joint cooperation for the coming years. The agreement between KKL and JNF USA was reached in a series of meetings between KKL World Chairman, Yehiel Leket and Deputy Chairman, Menachem Leibowitz, and the President of JNF USA, Amb. Ronald Lauder, and JNF USA Chief Executive Officer, Russell Robinson. Solutions were found to most of the contentious problems and an agreement has been reached on ways of working together to promote activities aimed at achieving KKL-JNF's historic goals. In the discussions, arrangements were established for stream-lining the working relations between KKL and JNF USA. Methods were discussed for improving fundraising for projects, and also examining the possibility of including new responsibilities that could be of interest to KKL-JNF.