Moscow: Israeli murdered by drug addict

Wife of teacher in yeshiva killed outside building; police say motive is apparently criminal.

rabbi berl lazar 224 88 (photo credit: Ksenia Svetlova)
rabbi berl lazar 224 88
(photo credit: Ksenia Svetlova)
An Israeli citizen was murdered Sunday night in Moscow. According to police assessments, the woman was killed by a drug addict. She was found with her throat slit. Eyewitnesses said that late Sunday night a scream was heard outside the Ohalei Ya'akov Yeshiva, and firefighters whose station is close to the building rushed to the scene. They alerted the police, who succeeded in apprehending the killer. The victim was the wife of a man teaching in the yeshiva. When her husband noticed she was missing, he went outside the building and saw a crowd surrounding his wife's body. Zaka volunteers collected the woman's blood, according to Jewish law, and Berl Lazar, Russia's chief rabbi, intervened on behalf of the family and used his influence to avoid having an autopsy done on the woman's body. Lazar also coordinated with Zaka to transfer the body to Israel. Russian police said the motive for the murder was probably criminal, initially ruling out that the murder was motivated by anti-Semitism.