Tickets for Israel-Andorra match only sold at kosher sandwich shop

You want mustard on that ticket? The only place to buy a ticket for Wednesday's Israel-Andorra European Championship qualifier is Sal Meijer's sandwich shop, a kosher landmark in Amsterdam for 50 years. UEFA issued a ban last month - during the monthlong war in Lebanon - of playing international matches in Israel. The eastern Dutch city of Nijmegen was chosen as a neutral venue for the match. But the Nijmegen stadium declined to sell tickets at the gate, citing what spokeswoman Marij Peters termed "security considerations." An official of the Israeli Embassy in The Hague said anti-Israel demonstrations are feared. The Israel Football Federation asked Meijer to sell the tickets. There has been virtually no publicity for the match, and the tickets will be on sale for only four hours at the small Amsterdam restaurant. Asked why he had been approached, Meijer said: "They like my food." "They asked me from the embassy if I could sell tickets here and I said, yes, of course," he added.