Turkish group hacks 'Jewish Chronicle'

British site replaced by Palestinian flag and anti-Semitic writings for several hours, editor says.

Replete with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories combined with hard-core jihadi rhetoric, the Turkish "Palestinian Mujaheeds" group responsible for bringing down the Web site of Britain's Jewish Chronicle on Sunday can be seen as part of a growing network of sophisticated and coordinated Islamist hackers.
Turkish hackers are notorious for playing a major role in coordinated international Web attacks, which usually come in response to international incidents perceived as affronts by the hackers.
"Aren't you ashamed of giving tolerance to the Jewish who is the main actor of wars [sic]," read the message by the Palestinian Mujaheeds on the Chronicle's Web site.
"The beginning is Allah, the end is Allah," the message said. After Operation Cast Lead in Gaza last year, Turkish hackers took part in a coordinated assault on Israeli and Western Web sites.
This type of attack is more sophisticated than a denial of service attack, in which Trojan programs planted in the computers of unsuspecting Web users direct their hosts to flood a targeted Web address with traffic, overwhelming the server and knocking it offline for a period of time.