UK retailer pulls anti-Semitic books from store

British retailer Tesco PLC said Friday it was withdrawing several far-right and anti-Semitic publications from its online bookstore after complaints from an anti-fascist magazine. Searchlight magazine said it was "horrified" to discover books from far-right publishers on the Tesco web site. They included "The Hitler We Loved and Why," "The International Jew" and infamous anti-Semitic tract "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." Mark Gardner, director of communications for the Jewish Community Security Trust, said it was "inexplicable and shameful" that Tesco - one of Britain's biggest supermarket chains - would sell such material. In a statement, Tesco said it had removed the books after a complaint from Searchlight. " has over 1 million book titles covering a wide range of subjects," it said. "We are unhappy that titles which could cause offense to some customers have found there way on to our site, and took immediate action to remove them once they were brought to our attention."
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