Rare meeting in Morocco: Chief Rabbi of Saudi Arabia meets Rabbi Pinto

  (photo credit: DAVID COHEN)
(photo credit: DAVID COHEN)

The Chief Rabbi of Saudi Arabia landed in the Moroccan capital today and arrived at the home of Rabbi Pinto. Rabbi Herzog presented Rabbi Pinto with a special Arabic edition of Rabbi Saadia Gaon's commentary on the Torah. Rabbi Pinto: "He sanctifies G-d's name with dedication."

Chief Rabbi of Saudi Arabia, Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Herzog, came from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to the home of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto in Rabat, Morocco.

  (credit: DAVID COHEN) (credit: DAVID COHEN)

The Saudi rabbi requested Rabbi Pinto's blessing and Guidance, and briefed him about the work he does for the Jews who reside in Saudi Arabia. In recent years Rabbi Herzog has been working to give Jews in Saudi Arabia access to a Mikve , kosher food and other religious needs.

According to him: " There are thousands of Jews who live in Saudi Arabia and who come to the kingdom for business. There are a lot of Jewish expats who have jobs in Saudi Arabia, and there is a great demand for religious needs, the Saudis embrace us and show lots of respect " Rabbi Herzog told Rabbi Pinto.

"You are sanctifying G-d's name with dedication," Rabbi Pinto Replied. "Just like Nahshon, son of Aminadav, the prince of the tribe of Judah who was the first to jump into the Red Sea, you, too, work to spread the light where there's nobody else." Rabbi Pinto blessed Rabbi Herzog, saying: "G-d should help you, and you and your family should be blessed with all that's good."  

At the climax of the meeting, Rabbi Herzog gave Rabbi Pinto a special Arabic edition of Rabbi Saadia Gaon's commentary on the Torah. Watch the video from the special meeting.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel