Watch: Depressed? How to invoke good thoughts

Shuva Israel

Rabbi Pinto explained to his students that from time to time, we think bad thoughts that disturb us. “The solution,” explains Rabbi Pinto, “is to conjure up our good thoughts. To bring up the good deeds that we’ve accepted on ourselves.”

How can we fight bad thoughts? How can we repel negative feelings? In his lecture to his students, the leader of Shuva Israel, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, discussed this difficult phenomenon that afflicts every one of us from time to time and explained how we could defend ourselves from it.

“From time to time, we come across bad thoughts that bring us down. Thoughts are like a seesaw. When we have a good thought, we are lifted up, but suddenly, a bad thought pops into our head and tries to drag us to a bad place. Bad spiritually and bad physically.”

Rabbi Pinto explained that we have to boost our good thoughts to overcome the challenge of thought.

“We all have good times. Times that we were uplifted. Good moments. Good thoughts. The moment we feel a bad thought creeping in, we have to think of the good thought, the good feeling, and that’s how we will feel good about ourselves and our surroundings.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel