Concern and prayers throughout the Jewish world: Rabbi Pinto to undergo a complex operation

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

The Jewish world is following with concern the medical condition of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, following the recent deterioration in his health.

Tomorrow, Monday, Rabbi Pinto will be admitted to the hospital in New York, where he will undergo a complex and long operation that is expected to last many hours.

Despite his condition, Rabbi Pinto has continued to give his classes, and in the last few months he visited more than 10 countries, where he gave talks and inspired thousands of his students.

This year, Rabbi Pinto will mark 30 years of leadership of the Shuva Israel community, which has about 100 branches and yeshivas around the world. Rabbi Pinto has tens of thousands of followers and fans, and his talks and classes are in demand all over the world.

Now, in preparation for his admission to the hospital, the Shuva Israel communities are holding prayer and inspiration rallies and the rabbis of the community are asking each and every one to pray for his complete recovery. His full prayer name: Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef ben Zari.

Tonight, at 17:00 US Eastern time and midnight Israel time, Rabbi Pinto is expected to deliver his last talk before the complex surgery. The lesson will be held at the Shuva Israel World Center in Manhattan and will be attended by many of his students.

To watch the live broadcast of the talk:

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