Passover: Sell your Chametz online with Tzohar and The Jerusalem Post

Especially during the coronavirus crisis, selling your chametz should be done easily online.

Ripple Matzah Plate (photo credit: LAURA COWAN)
Ripple Matzah Plate
(photo credit: LAURA COWAN)
While the concept of online sale of Chametz has existed for almost as long as Internet commerce itself, there is little doubt that the COVID-19 outbreak will lead many more people to embrace this modern form of an ancient practice.  The Tzohar Rabbinical Organization which has processed tens of thousands of online Chametz sales in recent years is projecting a significant increase in 2020. 
“There is a certain beauty in recognizing that halacha and technology often work hand in hand with one another and this is certainly a good example of that,” explains Tzohar Chair Rabbi David Stav.  “The structure of the online Chametz sale is designed to ensure that it is a real and binding transaction in every way, just like an in-person sale.”
Sale of Chametz allows people who would incur significant financial loss that would come with destroying their Chametz products to sell them to a non-Jew who has full legal rights to the products for the entirety of the Pesach holiday.  
Passover begins on the night of April 8. You can use the form below to sell Chametz through Tzohar here directly. More information in Hebrew and other languages here. Tzohar also has a Passover seder companion for download here