Samaritans carry out Passover sacrifice in West Bank ceremony

Around 800 Samaritans live in Israel, mostly in Holon and on Mount Gerizim in Samaria.

Israel brings Ukrainian Holocaust survivors to Israel for Passover

ZAKA flight brought 20 Ukrainian refugees – among them shelling victims, Holocaust survivors and disabled people – to celebrate Passover in Israel.

Despite danger and disruption, Ukrainian Jews prepare to celebrate Passover in public seders

Thousands of Ukrainian Jews are preparing to celebrate the Jewish holiday in dozens of group seders – both in Ukraine and outside it.


Brooklyn rabbis ask followers to turn down free food from ‘Zionists’

Williamsburg’s Satmar Hasidic community is warning followers not to accept food from the Met Council or the Zionist charity United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg.


'The four sons corresponding to four generations' - Opinion

“Tell your sons and daughters”- A comparison of the four sons in the Passover Haggadah to four generations of Israelis in the Diaspora. 


Gluten-free year-round: Celebrating Passover with Celiac disease

'The difference between Passover and the rest of the year is that I’m able to go into any supermarket and buy anything instead of going to a specialist store,' a person with Celiac's disease said.

Healthy eating on Passover - it's possible

Healthy eating tips for Passover that can help you maintain your health and even weight.

By Ruti Abiri

KKL-JNF approves West Bank land purchases, pending final authorization

In February, the KKL-JNF’s board of directors voted to approve in principle KKL-JNF land purchases in the West Bank for the first time in the organization’s history.

Ex-NBA star and Orthodox convert Amar'e Stoudemire celebrates Passover

“I mean, there’s so many d’var Torahs you can do for Pesach, bro,” he said. He recited the story of Moses and said how he could never see himself as being capable of doing what the Biblical hero did.

Going out for Seder? Police give tips on avoiding break-ins over Passover

The list was compiled in part due to the likelihood that many people will be away from their house during the holiday, something which criminals can take advantage of.

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