Tzohar Kashrut launches a radio campaign promoting their kosher brand

Tzohar CEO Yehuda Zeiderman: "This is the first commercial campaign of its kind in the Israeli kashrut world and it is possible because of the kashrut reform.”


Israeli ‘Tzohar’ rabbis in talks to oversee kosher food at Qatar World Cup

Israel, FIFA and Qatar finalized an arrangement by which Israelis can attend the World Cup on Thursday.

Tzohar needs to be more honest about its wine kashrut certification - opinion

Tzohar has been more lenient in its wine kashrut certification than usually accepted but hasn't stated so on the bottles.


Storm sparked as Tzohar rabbi recommended to head Conversion Authority

Rabbi Benayahu Brunner, a member of Tzohar and a judge in rabbinical courts, has been appointed to head the Conversion Authority.


Garin Harel wants to settle the Negev, what’s holding it up?

Garin Harel is a collective of 130 people who aim to establish an "alternative tourism-based Kibbutz" in the Negev desert.


Tzohar organization wins special recognition at Israel Cuisine Awards

The Tzohar organization is a collaborative of over 800 orthodox rabbis launched in 2018 with the aim of providing more modern kashrut certification.

How do you deal with end-of-life issues?

Tzohar’s community service to help families

Tzohar humanizes Israeli judaism - opinion

Tzohar rabbis understand that every Jew’s mission includes cultivating Jewish unity.


Tzohar rabbi: No need to sleep in sukkah in mixed cities for fear of violence

Rabbi David Stav was asked the question by a resident of Lod in light of the recent spate of violence • Lod chief rabbi rules otherwise, says not safety concerns

Kashrut will serve public rather than politicos in new reform - analysis

With certain cafes being mistreated by the rabbinate, Tzohar steps in to supply kashrut approval.

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