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Rabbi Stav slams Yamina for ignoring religion and state while in office

Head of the Tzohar rabbinical association accuses Yamina leaders of using concern over rabbinical judges committee as a political tool, says ‘public won’t buy’

Tzohar proposes format for home Holocaust remembrance ceremonies

At present, while Yom Hashoah is observed across the world, there are no universally-adopted personal Jewish traditions that mark the day.

Ripple Matzah Plate

Passover: Sell your Chametz online with Tzohar and The Jerusalem Post

Especially during the coronavirus crisis, selling your chametz should be done easily online.

National-religious rabbinical association Tzohar

Tzohar rabbis: Happy, halachic, and in love with the Jewish people

The media are wrong: Politics isn’t always the answer – leadership is.

A SECURITY GUARD at a courthouse in Jerusalem.

Malka Leifer's failed judicial process

Sadly, there are political forces at play that are clearly serving as obstacles to allowing the courts to do their rightful jobs.

Kosher certification

Founder of private kashrut supervision to be honored

Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz will receive the Yashrut 'Game Changer' Leadership Award.

Tzohar election initiative calls on politicians to honor their rivals

Tzohar released a document calling for "elections held in pure spirit" in which signers pledge not to involve family members of other politicians when they confront them.

Yes Atid Party Leader Yair Lapid signs a vow of integrity and honesty, 2019.

Party leaders vow integrity and honesty in campaign

The resolution states that "this period should be defined by ideals of moral behavior."


Judaism’s honesty problem

When clients can’t take their business elsewhere, there’s no impetus to improve.


Tzohar: Extradite Australian sexual abuse fugitive Malka Leifer

There was no final ruling and it appears that the proceedings will reconvene in January.

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