A good night's sleep

If you get into bed with a smile, you'll wake up with a smile too, says Avi Bar-Sessat, CEO of Hollandia.

A good night's sleep 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
A good night's sleep 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Hollandia chain offers advanced sleep systems, including all the products that accompany them, from mattresses and pillows to sheets and bedding. The products are designed to create a comfortable, high-quality sleep experience.
What are the new directions in bedroom planning?
The bedroom becomes a pampering and inviting place because of its warm appearance, such as upholstered bed frames, and its bright colors, including white, which is back in fashion. Massive wooden bedrooms used to be common, but today the look is soft and minimalist. The last five years featured changes such as the transition to adjustable beds. I believe that within the next decade, all beds will be adjustable. People are realizing that an adjustable bed leads to better sleep. This kind of bed is comfortable for watching TV, but you can also raise the backrest to breathe better or raise your legs.
Are there any innovations in the mattresses?
Yes. Unlike the hard mattresses of the past, the innovations have to do with flexibility. A mattress should be flexible and comfortable and should take on the shape of the body, as every person has a different body shape.
Mattresses are built on layers, and each layer has significance. They may provide support, flexibility or temperature adjustment, and the casing serves to let air in through the mattress and adds to its look and feel.
What kind of pillows do you recommend?
The pillow is the cherry on the cake. It is everything. It supports the most delicate and sensitive part of the spinal column. A pillow should fit as precisely as a shoe, since it has to provide support for the neck and head.
There’s a wide selection of pillows for people who sleep on their back, on their stomach or on their side, which is, by the way, the recommended position.
What should the bed and mattress “wear"?
It’s recommended to use a mattress protector, since buying a mattress is a big and very important long-term expense, and hygiene must be maintained. The mattress protector should be made of cotton and should be thick and substantial. A rubber cover can be used .when a baby sleeps in the bed It’s best to use cotton sheets rather than compromise on polyester, which affects comfort. The secret is that if you get into bed with a smile, you’ll step out of it with a smile.
Tips for choosing a mattress and pillows
Make sure the mattress has at least a 10- year standard and quality warranty. Look for a warranty authorized by the Public Trust organization.
If you are part of a couple, take your significant other with you to choose a mattress that suits you both. If your partner has certain conditions or physical problems, purchase two separate mattresses as is customary with adjustable beds.
Don’t base your choice of a mattress on sales or discounts, since it is a long-term purchase. We may well spend one-third of our lives on the same mattress.
Lie on the mattress at the store and see how it feels. If it isn’t comfortable in the store, it won’t be comfortable at home.
Make sure the mattress case and the pillow suit the Israeli climate: 100% cotton or fabrics made from comfortable materials.
Some 80% of the population sleep on their side. Check if the mattress has a comfort zone for the shoulder, to prevent waking up with a numb hand or shoulder.
It’s better to have narrow passageways in the bedroom and a larger mattress. Most of our time in the bedroom is spent on the mattress itself, and bigger mattresses promote a pleasant, personal and pampering sleep experience.
The spring mattress was invented 250 years ago and has hardly changed since.Instead, choose latex, visco or tempur mattresses or a combination of the materials.
It’s important to make sure the mattress is airy, as this affects the quality of sleep and the lifespan of the mattress.
When trying out a pillow, it’s important to lie on your side. The pillow should fill the space between your shoulder and your head.
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