Graffiti underground

Anonymous artists shape the urban landscape of Tel Aviv with their art and reveal their world in a new book.

Graffiti art in Tel Aviv (photo credit: Hagai Marom)
Graffiti art in Tel Aviv
(photo credit: Hagai Marom)
The rebellious, energetic underworld of the Tel Aviv graffiti artists is revealed in a new book.
The anonymous artists, who shape the urban landscape with their art, the faceless night creatures who may very well be doctors or teachers by day, leave their colorful marks on the city’s walls, adding rhythm and interest to our surroundings in acts bordering on vandalism, that provoke either anger or smiles, but never leave us indifferent, and now reveal themselves in a book.
Hagai Marom, a graphic designer and photographer, followed those artists for eight years, roaming the city at all hours of the day and night. As a former graffiti artist himself, he managed to enter their secret world and became the sole documentarist of the phenomenon.
Seven of the artists agreed to be interviewed for the book, revealing the two sides of their lives, moving between their mainstream day jobs and their night law-breaking personal demonstrations.
‘Graffiti underground’ (Hebrew) is in all bookstores from June 20, NIS 148.
The Tel Aviv Municipality is holding an exhibition of some of the works on Sderot Ben- Zion, from June 26 to 30, free of charge.