Market Watch: Shopping spree

Top 10 items to look for this weekend.

Mother and son shopping 390 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Mother and son shopping 390
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Canned water
Perrier, the premium sparkling bottled spring water brand from France, is now sold in cans as well. The 330-ml. can allows very particular drinkers to have it anywhere.
The can is designed in the brand’s colors – green with yellow and silver – and has a temperature indicator that turns silver when the water reaches its optimal temperature of 12º. Distributed by Binyamina. NIS 9.
Baked, not fried
Chicken schnitzel is the most popular food served to kids in Israel. In many cases, it is store bought. But a lot of people try to avoid eating it because of its high fat content.
Mama-Of has launched a baked version of its beloved schnitzel, which contains only 4% fat, with no preservatives or food colorings.
The kids who tried it said it was good and asked for more. NIS 40 for 650 gr.
Smoked gourmet
Starkist, known mainly for its canned tuna, has launched a new line of gourmet products – Smoked Select Fillets. The line includes smoked fillet of salmon, fillet of herring, mackerel and tuna in canola oil with pepper. According to the company, the smoking is done naturally. The products are packed in elegant black tins and are perfect for entertaining. 120 gr. for NIS 8.49 (herring) to NIS 16 (salmon).
Go nuts
Menta stores in the Delek gas stations offer a new series of 10 different nuts and seeds. We tried and liked them. The seeds taste fresh, and the pistachios were good.
Together with the brand’s wet wipes and handcleaning gel, they make for a good product to take on the road. NIS 9 to NIS 15, sold in clear bags.
Smooth and light
Yoplait, the yogurt brand from Tnuva, has a new addition created for toddlers – Shtoozim, named after a favorite kids’ show. The Bio yogurt is lightly sweetened and enriched with calcium. The smooth texture makes Shtoozim a great choice for spoon-food babies, but older kids will also enjoy the small containers. NIS 9.95 for a pack of 4.
Get into hot water
It is very important to drink water in the winter as well as summer, so Neviot has introduced bottled water that can be served warm, in what it calls “winter flavors.” The new, slightly sweetened flavors are orange-mint and cherryalmond.
Warmed in the microwave (in a glass, not in the bottle), it is a refreshing change from tea or coffee. NIS 7 for a family- size bottle and NIS 6 for an individual bottle.
Secret formula
Antica Formula, an Italian red vermouth first created by distiller Antonio Benedetto Carpano in 1786, is still being produced according to the same secret formula and sold in liter bottles corked with a red traditional seal. The beverage contains 30 herbs distilled and mixed with white wine, producing a rich bitter-sweet aperitif loved by many around the world. Now for the first time, it is being imported to Israel. Serve with ice and a lemon (or orange) wedge. Delicious! NIS 140.
Herbal toothpaste
Sunrider herbal toothpaste has no fluoride and sulfate, which are often found in other commercial products. The toothpaste is also free of sweeteners, food coloring or colors. It is made from baking soda, cleansing agents and herbal enzymes and essences, such as mint and other oils. The toothpaste is concentrated, so you use much less of it for brushing, and it is safe for children and grown-ups alike. Leaving a fresh scent and a clean sensation, it seems like a good choice. Sold mainly by independent representatives and at Sunrider’s flagship store in the Dizengoff Center. (08) 978- 7122.
Melvita is an organic ecological French cosmetics company that produces many products – all of very good quality and environmentally friendly. The company’s new moisture cream can be used by the whole family as a daily moisturizer for the face or body and is wonderful for kids over three as well.
The cream contains honey, aloe vera, shea butter and sesame oil.
NIS 89 available at health food stores such as Tamar Pharma, Anise and Teva Kol, the Assaf Center, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, and other shops. or call 1-700-707-507.
Be a man
Old Spice, the brand that has become very popular in America again, is returning to Israel. The Old Spice line, which includes soap, deodorant, body spray, shower gel and aftershave in several very manly scents, is now available to the local macho men.
Body spray 125 ml. NIS 25; deodorant stick NIS 25; shower gel NIS 10; and aftershave NIS 60 for 100 ml.